Put your business in your pocket.
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KOLA Business Manager is mobile-first Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP) solution that provides you with a 360 degree of your business to help you manage it on the go.
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Main features of KBM

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Main features of KBM


- The Blood
Manage your bank and cash accounts. See how your money is being used. Don't forget to link them to your transactions. Go for it! You have a support to plan your money.


- The Strenght
Evaluate the productivity of your business in real time and according to a period of activity that interests you.

Online shop

- The Face
With the store function, you can now put your products online and make them accessible to a wider audience.


- The Nerves
Follow in real time the behavior of your sales and better anticipate your next actions thanks to detailed graphs on the state of your business.


- The Brain
Manage your employees and all the activities related to them such as attendance, salaries, teams and budget. Define a personalized structure for your business and start improving your productivity


- The Hearth
You can create an inventory which help you organize and manage all your items and check their status in real time.


- The Voice
KBM facilitates the production of your invoices and your proformas by offering you a user-friendly interface. You can easily view and share them with your customers.


- The Memory
Two birds with one stone! Every transaction or transaction is automatically recorded for you. You can also add and edit manually.

How to use KBM ?

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Download KBM on playstore

Kola Business Manager is available on Playstore for Android mobile users, and will soon be available on Appstore for IOS users.

Download for Android here.
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Create your business

After downloading KBM, you can now start building and configuring your business according to your needs. Create your inventory, your online store and your work team.
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Start growing with KBM

KBM offers you a range of features to help you better manage your business. KBM thus helps you to follow in real time your sales, the state of your team, the tasks in progress and others.

Start growing with KBM